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Expo Crew

Function: Conference/Events

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Since 2011, ManpowerGroup Solutions has been collaborating with the European Parliament to cover the floor staff positions in the Parlamentarium. Start of May, our collaboration will grow with the new museum “House of European History”. It is located in the beautifully renovated Eastman Building in leafy Parc Léopold. The permanent exhibition will guide visitors through an outline of European history.


ManpowerGroup solutions


The main purpose of the function

- Information services: for example way finding and information about the visitors offer;
- Supervisory, counselling and facilitation services: for example presence in exhibition areas, helping visitors to understand functioning of portable media guides;
- Logistic and manual services: e.g. manning of cloakroom, preparation of event spaces, distribution of multimedia guides, stocking and display of various brochures and other promotional material;
- Technical assistance services: like help in updating contents on portable media guide and miscellaneous other services that correspond to ad hoc operational needs of the visitors facilities.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

- Info Desk is the most strategic and delicate position. The main tasks are:
~ direct contact with individual visitors and groups at the desk itself, by phone, by email
~ handle the reservations calendar
~ inform about Chambers visits
~ handle reservations
~ dispatch emails and deal with it
~ providing information about Parlamentarium and its surroundings
~ manage visitors feedback forms
~ handle lost and found items and files
~ handle stocks, newspapers, toolkits for groups and families
~ handle visitors flow

- Cloak Room consists in:
~ general management of public lockers and hangers
~ assisting and guiding visitors
~ collecting items that weren’t handed back at the end of the day
~ guiding visitors flow towards the beginning of the visit or towards the exit

- Personal media guides distribution consists in:
~ welcomes individual visitors/groups
~ prepares guides for the visits
~ always keeps contact with info desk to handle reservations
~ gives full explanation while distributing the devices
~ updates the media guides when requested by the client
~ reports feedback regarding media guides use
~ charges the devices

- Personal media guides recuperation consists in:
~ makes sure all visitors return media guides/visit cards
~ guides outgoing visitors
~ cleans and charges media guides

Floor positions: several crew members with support of a media guide, are spread everywhere inside the exhibition. They guide visitors at different levels and adapt the explanation accordingly. They constantly walk around and keep an eye-contact with visitors to ensure a good daily flow. They provide an adapted service to disabled visitors, children, etc.


- customer minded
- polite
- helpful
- accurate
- dynamic
- stress resistant
- polyvalent
- able to deal with conflict situations
- team spirit
- Languages: very good written and spoken English is mandatory and one of the official Belgian languages is needed. All other European languages are welcome;
- Interesting experience: hostess jobs, welcoming, reception.


What makes the job challenging?

The House of European History will give visitors the opportunity to learn about European historical processes and events, and engage in critical reflection about the implication of the processes on the present day. As expo crew, you will take part to this new project and you will be the main contact point with the visitors.