Why do you talk about ‘ambassadors’ and not outsourcing employees?

Our employees do not only perform very important work for you, but also for us: they are the face that our company presents to the rest of the world. This is why we call them ambassadors: they are proud of working for us and we are proud that they can apply their knowledge and skills to placing your company in a pole position.

Is insourcing the same as outsourcing?

No. Outsourcing means that you delegate a specific package of tasks which will then be taken care of externally. Insourcing also involves delegating tasks, but in that case, one of our employees will perform them at your company. This option gives you more control and direct contact with the person working for you.

Isn’t there a risk that my own job will disappear if I outsource some of my tasks?

No, there is absolutely no risk of this happening. The whole point of outsourcing or insourcing is not to take over your job, but to relieve you of a set number of tasks – leaving you free to get on with your job.

I own a SME. Is outsourcing useful for me?

Of course it is. Every business has tasks that are not part of its core business; tasks that often cost more than they are worth, when weighed up in proportion. Such tasks require a great deal of time and energy, even though they are usually not really profitable. Outsourcing these tasks to the specialists from ManpowerGroup Solutions will deliver a guaranteed profit – even if it is only the extra time that you now have to devote to your core business.

We have a very specific company culture: how will you take this into consideration?

Every agreement that we enter into with a client begins with an in-depth screening of their specific requirements and company culture. We conduct extensive talks to make sure that your aspirations will receive the attention they deserve. This process enables us to understand exactly what you expect from us and how we can meet your requirements – no matter how detailed or specific.

How can you make sure that your employees take their responsibilities seriously?

All our employees are very carefully selected. At ManpowerGroup Solutions we call our employees ‘ambassadors’: they are screened thoroughly so that we can vouch for their competences – and you can rest assured that these competences include a highly developed sense of responsibility.

How can I keep control of work that I outsource?

ManpowerGroup Solutions will make sure that you always have an overview of the tasks that you have entrusted to us. We are just as concerned about results as you are. Naturally, we will provide you with constant reporting and an overview of all costs and hours worked.