How we work

Although each outsourcing assignment is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, we do have a number of fixed stages in each project, divided into 3 phases. At each stage, we will consult with everyone in your company who is involved in the project. This way, you can rest assured that we are on the same wavelength from day one.

Phase 1

Defining the assignment

During introductory talks we will chart your needs and expectations and define the scope and accompanying objectives.

Phase 2

Quick scan

Our team of specialists will conduct a swift investigation of your project, activity or department. We will then assess the broad outlines and examine whether the objectives are feasible for both parties. Letter of intent With the letter of intent, both parties confirm that they wish to cooperate with each other according to the agreed upon conditions.

Phase 3

Due diligence

We will make a thorough examination of your company and analyse your processes from a variety of perspectives, including the HR, IT, infrastructure, financial and legal aspects.

Business proposition

We will confirm how we will approach your project, activity or department. We will describe the strategy, transfer and how we will organise management. Of course, we will not forget to clarify the costs.


After we have reached an agreement about the business proposition, we will define targets. We will leave space for flexibility, so that we can react to changes quickly.


In this phase, we will implement the assignment. We will cover every aspect – HR, finance, IT, operations – taking care not to miss a thing. If you like, we can also plan trial runs in the run up to the final transfer of the tasks in question.


After the transfer, we will keep out fingers on the pulse and continuously evaluate our performances against the anticipated output. We will examine if we can make further quality improvements or reduce costs. Naturally, this will always be done in mutual consultation.