ManpowerGroup is your no. 1 partner for innovative HR solutions. We bring talented people and companies together, steering them into the Human Age and the ever-changing world of work.


Are you a company looking for an all-in-one solution to find and hire new employees? Or are you an  employee or manual labourer looking for a job that offers that extra something? Manpower can help you find what you’re after. For large or small projects, temporary or permanent positions: our extensive knowledge of people and the job market means we can offer the ideal solution to both employers and employees.


Are you looking for a specialist in IT, engineering or finance? Or are you such a specialist, looking for a top-level project, temporary position or a job that is 100 % in line with your long-term vision? Then contact Experis because Experis takes companies and experts far ahead, right where they belong.

Right Management

Matching the available talent with your corporate strategy demands a lot of talent in itself. It is a job that you can entrust to the specialists at Right Management with total peace of mind. We help you develop your internal competencies, reduce costs and boost performance so that you are ready for the ever-changing world of work.

ManpowerGroup Solutions

Are you looking to outsource a particular aspect of your business or perhaps you want to centralise and optimise the recruitment of temporary employees in one single contact point? Maybe you are an employee who wants the flexibility of working on a contractual or project basis whilst enjoying the benefits of a firm commitment? Then why not opt for ManpowerGroup Solutions where human capital is in the best possible hands?