Conference Solutions

Organising meetings, conferences, and exhibitions is extremely time-consuming. The easiest option is to outsource the organisation and personnel management of your business events to ManpowerGroup Solutions. This ensures that everything will be perfectly organised, leaving you free to concentrate on the content.

ManpowerGroup Solutions guarantees perfect organisation and coordination of your business events and meetings. You can trust us: we will make sure that all your events run smoothly and problem-free.

We will put together a specific team of specialists to organise your meetings and conferences. This team will guide the project from B to Y: from financial planning, choosing a location and practical implementation to monitoring registrations and management. Naturally, we will also provide floor management and logistical coordination before, during and after the event. Our evaluation and recommendations for the future complete the package.

Our solutions, your benefits:

  • our specialists guarantee your continuity and stability
  • our flexible teams lower your overhead costs and work load
  • our experience lowers your costs
  • you are free to concentrate on your core business

ManpowerGroup Solutions

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