Managed Service Provider (TAPFIN)

If you are engaging several suppliers of temporary and permanent talent, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the big picture. If that happens, however, opting for stability could become a very expensive budget item. Do you need a clear overview of your recruiters and temporary employees? Simply call our Managed Service Provider (TAPFIN).

Our Managed Service Provider will take care of all the tasks related to engaging temporary staff.

All too often, using several suppliers of temporary staff is a source of problems: budgets are exceeded, productivity drops because you are using too many suppliers at the same time, you overload your administration or lose sight of your forecast. Thanks to TAPFIN’s managed services, these problems can belong to the past. Your Managed Service Provider will coordinate and structure your temporary and permanent recruitments, forming the link between you and all your subcontractors. He will manage the recruitment process and distribute applications among the relevant suppliers. Naturally, he will also contract and manage suppliers. On top of that he analyses and manages reports, time registration and invoices in order to cut costs.

Our solutions, your benefits:

  • just one contact person will take over the complete management of your temporary workforce, such as contractors, SOW, external consultants, freelancers and temporary employment agency employees.
  • the intake of temporary and permanent talent is clearly streamlined
  • unequivocal rates give you clear insight into expenses; this guarantees cost management and can even lead to cost reduction.
  • you can rest assured that your contracts will be complied with
  • you can benefit from full transparency regarding your suppliers.

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