Technical and Logistics Solutions

Technical matters and logistics are usually supportive functions that provide an extra service for your clients. The processes involved, however, are not always clear or simple andare usually best left to a specialist – someone who can provide a whole range of solutions in the area of technical and logistics outsourcing. Just take a quick look:

ManpowerGroup Solutions provides outsourcing for all your technical and logistical activities, departments or projects, such as order picking or fleet dispatching. We can confidently undertake a wide range of such activities:

  • if required, we guarantee the complete operational management of an activity or operation. This starts with recruiting the right personnel, but we can also provide a training programme, planning and dispatching, as well as taking care of quality assessment and reporting.
  • pool management: You regularly need specific technical skills, for example, for recurring peak moments or special projects? ManpowerGroup Solutions will put together a pool of employees who have the necessary experience and talents, so that you don’t need to train new staff every time.
  • interim management: You can call on us if you need a temporary replacement for a team in order to set up a project or to implement an improvement plan.
  • audit and advice: Do you believe that your technical-logistics workflow could improve? We will screen and analyse your project and make suggestions that could enable you to considerably boost your profits

Our solutions, your benefits:

  • our backups guarantee your continuity
  • we guarantee efficiency and quality gains
  • optimal staffing reduces your costs
  • you are free to concentrate on your core business

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