Why work as an ambassador?

There are many good reasons why you should work for ManpowerGroup Solutions. Not only do our Ambassadors enjoy the benefit of being able to change job without changing employer, also, our growth as a company is constantly creating new job opportunities. We gain a considerable amount of new clients every year, thereby creating a vast number of new job opportunities that you, our Ambassador, can choose from. Your options are practically unlimited. Not yet convinced? Read the testimonials from our Ambassadors to find out what they love about working for ManpowerGroup Solutions. Our Ambassadors tell their story (LINK to page Ambassadors tell their story)

About ManpowerGroup Solutions

ManpowerGroup Solutions is part of ManpowerGroup. We deliver human-oriented, tailor-made outsourcing solutions for all business activities that do not belong to our client’s core business. For some clients we manage an entire department, while for others, we take care of temporary projects from A tot Z. Outsourcing activities that do not belong to their core business provides our clients with many benefits: it allows them to optimise costs, gain more expertise and flexibility, and spend more time on their core business. Find out more about our specialist areas (LINK)

What does this actually mean for me as an Ambassador?

When you become an Ambassador for ManpowerGroup Solutions, you will immediately start working in a project for one of our clients. You will be guided closely by our project coordinator, a ManpowerGroup Solutions employee whose task is to ensure that the project runs smoothly. This manager is there for the client’s benefit, but also for you.
In exchange, we offer a permanent contract, a package that includes fringe benefits and excellent follow up, training and on-the-job coaching. This way, you can continuously develop your skills and gain experience in a variety of challenging environments. But what if the project you are working on finishes or you are just ready for the next step? In that case, ManpowerGroup Solutions will offer you a suitable opportunity that takes your skills and wishes into account.

Ambassadors tell their story


“I’m proud that I work in one of the largest HR structures in the World – especially one that does such good business!”
Angela, travel coordinator for 3 years

“Working on site has nothing but benefits: the hands-on approach in particular makes everything much easier.”
John, Customer Service agent for 4 years

“The atmosphere here is fantastic: working together with such a diverse group really guarantees a lot of job satisfaction.”
Will, Customer Service agent for 4 years

“ManpowerGroup Solutions allows me to grow in the direction that I want to go in. It always gives me every possible support.”
Christian, Customer Exceptions Officer for 2 years

“Working for ManpowerGroup Solutions is like coming home: they know me inside out by now and only offer me jobs that really interest me. It’s great!”
Christophe, Order Picker for 2 years

“I really receive perfect coaching: every month there is a 1 to 1, where I give and receive feedback. This guarantees growth!”
Fabio, field supervisor reception and mailroom for 3 years

“609 ambassadors, you have to earn that every day!”
Karin, back office coordinator for 2 years

“I would recommend working for ManpowerGroup Solutions to anyone, both for the material and professional benefits.”
Karin, back office coordinator for 2 years

“Working for ManpowerGroup Solutions has enormous potential because there are always other places and clients where your talents can be put to use.”
Tim, developer for 3 years

“Working for ManpowerGroup Solutions means you learn something new every day. You are always being submerged in a new company culture with a different package of tasks, and that is incredibly enriching.”
David, marketing coordinator for 2 years

“ManpowerGroup Solutions is the most professional recruiter that I have ever worked for and they also offer me the best and most interesting jobs – op international level.”
Yasmine, technical analyst for 1 year